Why We’re Different

You can train your new family companion anywhere. So, what makes us stand apart? Why spend your money and put your trust in The K9 Experts?

Customized Training

We have learned through years of training that everyone’s needs, wants, finances and time are variables that will determine how we can best help you and your pet. We offer free consultations and evaluations at our state of the art facility where we get to learn more about your lifestyle and how we can best benefit you. We will discuss different training programs and discuss a tailored training program to your liking.

Functional Training

Training is only functional when a dog can perform the behaviors in any environment, with any distraction and have it be quick and reliable. We at The K9 Experts give you the training and tools to be able to achieve this with your four legged friend.


Dogs do not speak the English language but understand words through creating behaviors through repetition and reinforcement. We are going to help you and your dog understand each other better through different forms of communication and by creating behaviors you would like your dog to be able to perform, all while building a better relationship between dog and owner.

Balanced Training

Every dog, just like every person, learns differently and is motivated by different rewards. We believe in balanced training, where dogs first need to be shown how to be successful in performing behaviors. This stage is known as shaping, where we create the behaviors, as well as “extinct” (or get rid of) unwanted manners such as unwanted barking, chewing, digging, counter surfing, etc. Once we have the behaviors created we then use tools, timing, and our techniques to proof our commands in different environments such as in a home, a shopping mall, a park, or downtown in a city (just to name a few) and test your dog with distance, distractions, and duration.