Group Classes

Do you want to build a better relationship with your pet and understand the process and techniques used to train your dog? Well, then our group classes might be ideal for you and your four-legged friend. Group classes are structured to help your dog with manners, socialization, and different levels of obedience. The K9 Experts, we keep classes small to maximize all dogs learning potential but enough dogs and people to allow for some socialization as well as distractions throughout the class. Please check out our calendar of classes to choose the best day and time that work for you.

Puppy Kindergarten ($110)

Get your new puppy started off on the right foot and enroll in our Puppy Group Class. It is crucial to begin the training process as soon as your puppy comes home so that the many dog years to follow will become years to enjoy. Our Puppy Group Class is 4 weeks long with the main focus of proper socialization with people & other dogs. During the class, we will discuss how to desensitize & expose your new puppy to different environments, noises & obstacles you will encounter in the days & years to come. These are crucial to building their confidence as well as to help with everyday life routines such as; grooming visits & veterinarian appointments. Just like a child, your young puppy is like a sponge. They are very impressionable & with our 20+ years of training experience we can set you and your puppy up for success to ensure happy and healthy years to come.

During our Puppy Group Class, we will also discuss crate training, housebreaking & simple manners including Nipping, Jumping, Digging, Chewing, Etc…

You will be equipped with the tools to create a foundation for several obedience commands like sit, down, place, come and focus. You will quickly learn how easy it is to teach your dog to follow your lead & to keep your dog engaged. They will view you as the leader and with the tools we equip, you will be able to begin teaching commands, obedience & tricks to establish a healthy relationship you and your puppy require.

Puppies must be 8 – 16 weeks and have all immunizations possible.

Beginner Obedience ($230 includes equipment)

This class is 6 weeks long, one hour each week and will teach manners such as no jumping, barking, digging, chewing, and nipping. We will cover on leash obedience to include the following commands: sit, down, come, place, focus, walking loosely on a leash, waiting at doorways, start the foundation to a structured heel and any customized training requests.

Intermediate Obedience ($460 includes equipment)

The pre-requisite for this course is our beginner course or an evaluation from us to improve you and your dog’s skill levels. This class is 6 weeks long and will teach you and your dog hand signals, we will show you how to get a tightly controlled heel with and without distractions, we will teach you how to train your dogs to do commands in motion. Commands include heel, sit, down, come, place, focus. This course will prepare you and your dog for off leash obedience.

Advanced Obedience ($250)

The pre-requisite for this course is our intermediate course or an evaluation from us to approve you and your dog’s skill levels. This class is 6 weeks long and will get you and your dog to the level of controlling them off leash. Commands include heel, sit, down, come, place, and focus. You will also teach your dog to respond to hand signals. Walking around town with a dog off leash and having the confidence to leave your dog outside at a table while walking inside a coffee house to place an order and return to a lying dog right where you left him is second to none as a feeling of ultimate dog obedience! Paramount in this course is the owners’ commitment to doing homework and attending all classes.