Our Purpose.

We at The K9 Experts offer multiple services from puppy through advanced off leash obedience as well as behavior modification to help families enjoy a better life for them & their pet. We encourage potential clients to take advantage of our free 30-minute evaluation which gives us a better insight into your dog & how we The K9 Experts can help you both achieve a better relationship

Why Are The K9 Experts Unique?

Everyone is different, and that not only includes every dog, but also every family. We at The K9 Experts understand this and custom tailor the dogs
training to both the needs of the family and also the way the dog and family learns. We want to focus teaching your dog behaviors that will benefit you the most. After your free evaluation with one of our professional trainers, we will recommend a training program that best suits your needs and wants.

Our Director of Operations Courtney always had a passion for animals but zoned in on her relationship with dogs at a young age. She began teaching obedience classes for family pets when she was 16. After graduating high school she went on to attend The National K9 School for Dog Trainers where she studied behavior modification, puppy through advanced off leash obedience, search & rescue, assistant dog training, protection & patrol, detection as well as some dog sports. Then after being moved by the unique and horrific events of September 11th, she joined the Connecticut Army National Guard and enlisted as a Military Police Officer. She served as an MP for 14 years and attended specialty schools such as SWAT and K9 School. As a Military Working Dog handler, she assisted local, state, and Federal agencies on various missions to include but not limited to protecting Presidents of the United States and the Pope. Wanting to put her skills to use, she served overseas as an independent contractor for 2 years. She returned home and wanted to go back to helping families have a better relationship with their companions. Her experience to show people how to communicate with their dogs utilizing tools, timing, and techniques help The K9 Experts lead the pack in obedience training.

"I never would have thought I'd be able to take my dog into a mall off-leash and have her behave perfectly!"

Heather Tygenhof Del Carmen

"My German Shepard only spent 4 days with The K9 Experts. Prior she had another trainer for 8 weeks who accomplished nothing."

Rock Wilson

"The K9 Experts turned our over-excited out-door Australian Shepherd, into a gentle and patient in-door member of the family."

Kenny Rubin

“We learned about The K9 Experts through a mutual friend, and have since had several of our friends bring their dogs here with great results."

Pastor Steve

"Simply the best! Courtney is amazing at what she does and I wouldn't take my companion to anyone else. She will be our long-term trainer and friend!"

Derek Brown

"Our trainer is very knowledgeable is customizes personal training sessions to our needs, our fur baby works well with the trainer and is attentive, the staff is always available for
my questions!"

Brittany Hayes

"My Great Dane Reagan loves going to daycare (especially the swimming pool)! Everyone
that works there is so nice!! I would recommend this place to all my friends, and I am very picky about who can take care of my dog!"

Aimee Pope

"Took both of my Great Pyrenees to The K9 Experts for obedience training and am very
pleased. Pyrenees are extremely independent and stubborn, but they helped us find a way! Thank you from Luna and Cosmo."

Christina Simonetti

"They are the best trainers with the biggest hearts! I would recommend them to anyone with a dog!"

Alexis Lombardo

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